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It’s no Baseball…but you seem to love it

Working alongside Marston’s in the UK has opened our eyes to your rivalry with the Aussies and with Pedigree as the Official Beer of England Cricket going in to bars alongside New World Pale Ale – which we hear is brewed with Australian hops – we appreciate this competition!

Anyway, we decided to give “The Ashes” a watch to see what all the fuss was about, especially after hearing about England’s dominance in the first match, demise in the second, resurgence in the third….and it was interesting shall we say…

…The ball was the wrong colour for a start and seemed to stain everything; the bat wasn’t round so the hitter could only use one side; the pitcher ran before they threw it which seemed a bit unfair AND sometimes the ball went past the hitter, he missed it, and they still got runs!?…

Sarcasm is fun isn’t it? But seriously, there are some things you could change to keep it interesting throughout the 5 days (if both teams can make it to 5). I won’t divulge too much into changing your national sport but genuinely, watch some baseball, have a hot dog and some cold one’s and you’ll see how it’s done state side!



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