Coronavirus risk assessment

As we continue to keep our beers flowing, it’s our top priority to keep all of our customers, teams and partners safe.

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to reduce the risk of the coronavirus wherever possible. Following a detailed review of our business, we’ve developed new processes and procedures that will enable us to keep brewing and delivering our beers safely.

These changes include enhanced cleaning measures, as well as thorough training for our team members and social distancing at all of our sites. We will continually review these protocols in line with the latest government guidance and industry best practice. Below is more information about some of the changes we’ve introduced across our breweries, depots and warehouses.

We’d like to thank all of our teams, customers and partners for doing their bit to keep everyone safe and well.
The measures we’re taking to reduce the risk of the coronavirus

Thorough training:

Regular briefings and guidance documents are issued to keep everyone up to date with the latest government guidance, as well as the symptoms that dictate if someone needs to self-isolate.
Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures:

We’ve increased our cleaning regimes in all relevant areas of the sites, including offices, meeting rooms, production areas, canteens and locker rooms.
We’re giving our teams regular briefings about good hygiene practices, supported by appropriate signage around our sites.
We’ve made hand sanitiser units available throughout the sites, ensuring they’re located in the most appropriate areas.
Social distancing:

We’re ensuring that those who can work from home continue to do so (e.g. if there is not an operational requirement for them to be onsite), and that any external visitors to our sites are critical only.
We are ensuring that anyone onsite is able to socially distance by changing the layout of working/breakout areas.
We’ve staggered start, finish and break times to reduce congestion in certain areas.
We’re displaying clear signage to confirm the maximum number of people allowed in certain areas, such as rest rooms, locker rooms and canteens.
Health screening:

Any contractors and visitors who need to be onsite are completing health questionnaires before they enter.
We are providing team members with face masks to use, if they wish to wear them.