Shipyard Brewing Co.

The Shipyard Brewing Company has been making award-winning, hand-crafted beer in Portland, Maine for nearly 20 years.

Now one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the USA, the company has its roots in the picturesque seacoast village of Kennebunkport Harbor, where, in 1992, entrepreneur Fred Forsley and master brewer Alan Pugsley started Federal Jack’s Restaurant & Brew Pub, the birthplace of Shipyard ales.

The craft brew industry was just starting in Maine and Alan had recently moved to America from England where he’d learned to brew under the legendary Peter Austin at Ringwood Brewery in Hampshire.

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The launch of Federal Jack’s coincided with the birth of America’s craft beer industry and, just two years later, demand outpaced the brewing capacity at the pub and Fred and Alan opened the Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland in 1994.

Shipyard Brewing Company is now ranked as the 25th largest craft beer company in the U.S. and 31st overall.

All of Shipyard’s recipes are developed by Master Brewer Alan Pugsley, who is one of the most influential people in the craft brewing movement in North America.

Since moving to the United States he has assisted with the establishment of more than 65 microbreweries and brew pubs throughout the world.